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Allow me to (re)introduce ourselves – my name is Karen! Here is my face.


….And here is my boyfriend, Jose. Here is his face!



Hello, hello! Welcome to Roam Curious. From October 2018 to August 2019 my boyfriend Jose and I traveled around the United States and Mexico camping, wandering, hiking, laughing, driving, driving, and more driving. We moved to Gallup, New Mexico in August 2019. While I don’t write as much as we did while we bounced around the country just to see what was out there, I do write occasionally about traveling the Four Corners region, hiking, bickering with Jose, getting the flu, oh, and gardening!

Want to look up what we did on our travels? Pick your state:
Arizona– Saguaro, Organ Pipe, KOFA, mas!
California – Joshua Tree FOREVER
Colorado – Left my heart in Mesa Verde
Idaho– Boise River
Minnesota – Angels exist, I’ve even seen some sleep
Montana– Yellowstone, Lolo National Forest, Glacier, the most beautiful state of all
New Mexico – Gila National Forest, Santa Fe, Red Rocks, more glory!
Oregon– Portland, Crater Lake, PCH cruising
South Dakota – Wind Cave & Mount Rushmore
Texas– Big Bend FOREVER
Utah – On the road to Zion ~
Washington– Seattle & Mount Rainier
Wyoming– Mostly Yellowstone, but still

Mexico– Guanajuato, Dolores Hidalgo, Leon, San Miguel de Allende, Big Bend & Juarez

For all blogs prior to August 2019, read this below as to not be *completely* lost:

October(ish) 2018 marks five years of Jose and I dating (!) and we’re basically two peas in a pod, or two layers repeated on one extravagant red velvet cake, what have you. After living in New Orleans together for 25 months we’ve decided to take one year off from working to travel the country, visit National Parks and figure out not where we need to be, but where we want to be. Our journey officially began on September 1st, 2018. Here’s a timeline for where we’ve been for the 2018 leg of our trip.

September-November – Brasstown, North Carolina (John C. Campbell Folk School)
Thanksgiving – Oaxaca, Mexico
Early December – Chicago, IL
Mid-December to January – Annapolis, MD
January 10th, 2019 to ? – THE WORLD (er, the natural wonders of the US of A)

For reference – I’m a writer and can puttputt around on WordPress all day with no issues trying to convince myself that I know how to format a website and write blogs. Therefore, I’ll likely be managing the site. I’m going to try to poke Jose continuously to write a blog at least once a week during our travels to give you his impressions.

For your reference:

  1. We do not own a fancy Nikon camera. Or a hip Instaxx. Or have the charger anymore for a point and shoot digital camera (work in progress). Therefore, have patience if photos are not super epic.
  2. When traveling, Jose and I love discovering odd businesses, restaurants and monuments off the beaten path. We hope to share them with you!
  3. Jose might write a lot about hiking, camping and how all the gear we got has been working for us. I might write a lot about biking while memorizing Britney Spears songs. Who knows.



5 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Love it! So glad you are having your adventure. It is so important to treasure our time with our dear ones and to chase our dreams without delay. Now that my husband has been gone almost a year and a half, I still thank our great God that we were given that amazing gift. Bon voyage wherever you may go!


  2. Found your journal on the WordPress reader in Pacific Northwest tags. What a great adventure you and Jose are on! This old fogey in Seattle loves road trips and the one you’re on strikes me as the road trip of all road trips, good lord! Really enjoyed your smart, thoughtful insights and observations about certain places after a perusal of several posts here. Wish you continued safety in your travels. I’ll look forward to following more accounts of your journey!


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